427 Why Is Bugatti Testing A Pair Of Chirons At The Nurburgring?

Why Is Bugatti Testing A Pair Of Chirons At The Nurburgring?

A follow up to the Chiron Sport, perhaps?

We don’t see something like this too often. Thanks to car spotter Automotive Mike, we have video footage for you of not one, but two Bugatti Chirons caught testing at the Nurburgring. Since the Chiron is not exactly totally new anymore, why would Bugatti continue development? The most likely though unconfirmed answer is that a track-focused variant could be in the works. After all, the slightly more extreme Chiron Sport had its debut at Geneva last March, so what comes next?

Could one of these Chirons be a prototype for a Chiron Super Sport? It’s possible. Remember, Bugatti has a new CEO, former Lamborghini and Audi Sport chief Stephan Winkelmann. He spent a little over a decade at the helm of Lamborghini where he was responsible for all of those Gallardo variants as well as the Aventador, Veneno, and the like.

Point being, the guy knows what he’s doing. More recently, Bugatti delivered the 100th Chiron customer car, so it makes sense Winkelmann is keen to deliver something big in the near future. A Chiron Super Sport would make sense, especially since the Koenigsegg Agera RS is the current top speed world record holder. Hennessey has also recently promised its upcoming Venom F5 will target a top speed of 311 mph, beating the Agera RS. Wouldn’t Bugatti want to a crack at a new top speed run of its own? Testing new components at a track as challenging as the ‘Ring would make complete sense.

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