899 These Funky Nissan Police Cars Are Japan's Version Miami Vice

These Funky Nissan Police Cars Are Japan’s Version Miami Vice

These Funky Nissan Police Cars Are Japan’s Version Miami Vice

’80s Japanese cop shows look awesome.

In any cop show from the 1980s, there were a few must-haves. There had to be lots of explosions, cheesy music, and above all else, a hero with a kickass car. Don Johnson famously drove a white Ferrari Testarossa in Miami Vice. Tom Sellek drove a red Ferrari 308 in Magnum P.I., and who could possibly forget Kitt, the futuristic Pontiac Trans Am piloted by David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider? As it turns out, the Japanese had their own cop show called Seibu Keisatsu that ran from 1979 until 1984, and it had its own set of kickass cars.

The show’s vehicles were provided by Nissan and were just as cool as any of the police cars seen on American television. Nissan still owns some of the hero cars from the show, and recently pulled them out of its Heritage Collection in Japan. The coolest car is the Super-Z, a modified Nissan 280 ZX with custom gull-wing doors, a turbocharger, nitrous, computers, and guns mounted on the hood. There was also Machine-X, a modified Nissan Skyline 2000 TURBO GT-E, a 1980 Nissan Safari with a radar camera, computer and water cannon, and a custom 1980 Nissan Gazelle convertible.

Unfortunately, the video is all in Japenese, so it’s hard to get the gist of what is being said. Fortunately, the video is also full of insanely cool Japanese cop show cars from the ’80s, which are unlike any Nissans we have ever seen before.


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