5711 Highlights from the latest Daily Drive podcasts, Sept. 25-29

Highlights from the latest Daily Drive podcasts, Sept. 25-29

Here are highlights from the latest episodes of ‘Daily Drive’, Automotive News’ weekday podcast, Sept. 25-29, hosted by Jamie Butters with Kellen Walker.

“That is often the absolute best way of getting away [from] pollutants — knowing where it is and guide around it. And, often, if you take a two- or three-minute detour to get past a wild fire, it’s perfectly worth it.”–Daniel Hagstrom, CEO of CabinAir, on the Swedish supplier’s advanced filtration and air pollution detection systems

“Dealers don’t have vehicles like they used to, so you cannot go in and do all this. And that’s why the auto show is important. And, you know, it’s Detroit — we need an auto show.”–Debbie from Jackson, Mich., an attendee at the 2022 Detroit auto show, on the value auto shows provide automakers, dealers and consumers

“We can get more cars and we can build more dealerships. But our team is what makes us successful, so that’s what we worry about the most.”–Brian Danahy, Ed Morse Auto Group’s director of variable operations for Florida, on the threat of Hurricane Ian

“Literally, my eyes have to roll back because there’s so much overlap in what they’re trying to accomplish and there’s complete overlap in their customer base.”Liz Kerton, executive director of Autotech Council, on the lack of differentiation between EV tech startups at this year’s MOVE America mobility conference in Austin, Texas

Listen to all of Automotive News’ “Daily Drive” podcasts at autonews/dailydrive.

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