5692 Highlights from the latest ‘Daily Drive' podcasts, Jan. 18-20

Highlights from the latest ‘Daily Drive' podcasts, Jan. 18-20

“Frankly, new- and used-vehicle prices have been a huge contributor to inflation. And in December, vehicle prices represented 37 percent of core inflation, or inflation other than food and energy. Year-over-year increase for new-vehicle prices was 12 percent, but 38 [percent] on used. So it’s largely driven by used vehicles.” — Elaine Buckberg, General Motors’ chief economist, on the industry’s impact on rising inflation in the U.S.

“I think EV charging infrastructure still has to be rolled out. And ultimately that funding will be delegated to state and local governments, and they’ll have to implement and roll it out. And in many ways, the earlier they do it, the better.”

Buckberg, on potential roadblocks to widespread electric vehicle adoption

“One of the things that we’ve seen just play out over the last couple of years now is how customers are really looking for more efficiency. They want a faster process. They want transparency in the process. They want to trust that the deal they’re getting is a good one. And online, a lot of those things have been able to happen.”

Lindsay VanHulle, Automotive News retail reporter, on why online vehicle shoppers report being more satisfied with the buying process than those who buy at the store

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