328 Explaining The BMW M Setup Makes It Seem Even More Complicated

Explaining The BMW M Setup Makes It Seem Even More Complicated

A German guy explaining all of those buttons? Good luck.

To the German engineers that designed the system, it makes complete sense because of course it does. Why wouldn’t it? All you have to do is tap a few buttons, apply some throttle, and the computer does the rest. Right? In theory, yes. But anyone experiencing the BMW M Setup for the first time will likely find themselves a bit confused, perhaps even slightly overwhelmed. You see, German engineers are very good at what they do. Problem is, simplifying everything is not always their strong suit.

Just look at early versions of BMW’s iDrive, for example. It caused many headaches and possible acts of violence out of sheer frustration. These systems, including iDrive, have drastically improved in ease of functionality over the years, but there’s still a learning curve.

BMW M has released this new video explaining how its M Setup works. The driver-teacher is behind the wheel of an M4 coupe and, yeah, his spiel is about as simplified as he can make it, considering the intricate technology. Through the various modes, engine characteristics, and damper control, everyone can find the ideal driving setting and, assuming one can master the M Setup, the car’s full capabilities can truly be exposed. We’ve heard stories of BMW M car owners spending hours reading manuals, online forums, and various other tools in order to better understand the technology that ultimately controls their ultimate driving machine. This video should make things a bit easier for them.

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