Automotive News Daily Drive highlights, March 5-11

Automotive News Daily Drive highlights, March 5-11

Here are edited highlights from the latest episodes of “Daily Drive,” Automotive News‘ weekday podcast, hosted by Jason Stein and Steve Schmith.

“We think of Amazon as a digital company … but they have massive physical infrastructure to enable the logistics and the distribution and the customer service that is inherent in that business. And I think our business is very similar.” — Peter Kelly, president, KAR Global

“Insurance should be completely seamless. We should know when you trade in your vehicle and automatically drop that vehicle from your policy and that you’re driving off the lot with a new vehicle and automatically add that to your policy.” — Daniel Weisman, chief innovation officer, Motion Auto Insurance

“Dealers had a huge learning in terms of how they came out of COVID. It’s really important that we … continue those learnings and continue to develop the selling process to something that today’s consumer really wants and appreciates.” — Dave Zuchowski, chief strategy officer, Unite Digital

“Changing DMS providers is like a heart transplant. Companies are talking now about trying to make that easier with easier-to-use systems and technology that’s more nimble, more and more up to date, more modern.” — Lindsay VanHulle, reporter, Automotive News

“The whole industry needs to continue to improve because a bad charging experience anywhere is bad for adoption. We need everybody to know that this is great and awesome and easy and reliable.” — Jonathan Levy, chief commercial officer, EVgo

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